Class Sign Up

Students currently enrolled in a class are given priority in enrolling in the upcoming class session before we sign up new students. Therefore we often put new students on a first come first serve waiting list until we know how many spaces will open in an upcoming class.  If you are on the waiting list for a class and we contact you that a space has become available you must confirm your spot with us within 48 hours or we will contact the next person on the waiting list.


Class Make-up

Most classes meet once a week for seven weeks. If you can not attend a class due to illness or scheduling problems you may make up the class on another day of the week with permission of the instructor. There is also an open make-up class at the end of the session on the first Wednesday after classes are completed from 6 - 9pm. Students are allowed one make-up class per session. Please contact Mike if you extenuating circumstances that require you to miss many classes.


Practice times

We offer unlimited practice time for students during the following hours:
During session: M 10-9pm, T 6-9pm, W 10-9pm, R, F + S 10-5pm, Sunday 11-5
Between sessions: M, W - S 10-5pm, Sunday 11-5pm

Practice Rules

Please be aware of class times & use the practice wheels in the front room during throwing classes, and the work table in the front during handbuilding classes.  Students in class, and their instructors have priority use of all equipment during their class times.

Clean up after yourself, including sweeping, mopping and putting tools, plastic and boards back where they belong.

If you have a question please ask the monitor.

Remember that practice time is an opportunity for you to practice new skills UNAIDED.  All of our instructors use their free time here to make their own pottery, please be respectful of their time.

You are responsible for covering your own work during/after practice time.

Please note the practice hours and our closed times.  Members pay extra to be here during off hours, so even if the lights are on it doesnít mean we are open for practice.


Your Stuff

Pieces, clay, tools left in the studio 60 days after your class has finished will be considered abandoned and will be sold, donated or absorbed by the studio.