Abby Dreyer, Fayston

I love the idea of making something beautiful for a new life to be created in, so I build one-of-a-kind birdhouses from durable high fire stoneware clay.  Each of my houses is designed with the future occupants in mind.  The birds’ comfort is my first priority so every house has proper floor drainage, roof ventilation and opens easily for cleaning. I also designed a “locking” roof system to protect the fledglings from predators like cats and raccoons.  None of my houses have perches as they are unnecessary for the birds using the house, but quite convenient for predator birds to sit on and wait for a tasty meal. 

I get my inspiration from different architectural styles and from nature.  Sometimes I have an idea that develops through several houses.  Whether a house is covered in spring wildflowers, polka dots or paisley patterns you can be sure it is unique and will provide a safe shelter for your feathered friends.