Wheel Throwing Class

Beginners welcome! These classes start where you are and take you where you want to go. Learn to strengthen your techniques in wheel–thrown pottery, glazing, surface decoration and design. $210

Mondays with Kris Ekstrand
9:30am – 12:30pm    7/8 - 8/19
Mondays with Ingrid Gitnick
6 – 9pm        7/8 - 8/19  

Tuesdays with Kris Ekstrand
6 – 9pm      7/9 - 8/20

Thursdays with Jes Halterman
6 – 9pm     7/11 - 8/22 

Sundays with Elmira Behzadikia
9 - 11am      7/14 - 8/25


Beyond the Basics

This class is designed for more self directeed intermediate & experienced potters. Class instruction is focused on more advanced forms and techniques. Students are encouraged to come to class with projects and techniques in which they seek assistance and/or want to see demonstrated. $210

Wednesdays with Mike Sullivan
6 – 9pm      7/10 - 8/21  



Discover the endless possibilities of hand building. Learn to make nearly anything you want using just your hands and basic tools. Explore functional pottery (including objects out of the round), sculpture and tiles. $210

Thursdays with Abby Dreyer
12:30 – 3:30pm    7/11 - 8/22

Thursdays with Abby Dreyer
6 – 9pm               7/11 - 8/22

Fridays with Kris Ekstrand
12:30 – 3:30pm     7/12 - 8/23 


Come explore figurative sculpture.  We will be using a model
as a guide for creating portrait heads and busts.  Is there a sculpture lurking in the depths of your vision?  Come learn how to make it a reality. $210

Wednesdays with Sande Stockwell
Returning in September